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Color Your Word

Color Your World Jun – 23-30, 2018 
7 Days, 7 Chakras, 7 Wonders of Your Life

This exclusive retreat will take you on a colorful journey through your 7 Chakras, as you explore and balance your inner self.

We try so hard to take care of our issues, our pains, our goals, our body displeasure, and our emotional upheavals by “doing” things that we think will help. But in the end, it’s all about “being” — obtaining the balance within.

Reiki Healer and Yoga Teacher Kelly Behrend and Health and Wellness Expert Diana Stobo will guide you through a journey of self-love and acceptance to awaken the power that’s already within you. Cultures around the world have described this power within for thousands of years in many ways — enlivening your prana, activating your chi, invoking your spirit, balancing your chakras — and now, it’s your time to rise.

The Color Your World Retreat is a week-long wellness immersion specifically designed around the seven chakras to help you release energetic blockages, heal from past trauma, connect with your Higher Self, and get clear on what you need to transform your life. Each of the seven days will focus on enlivening each chakra through yoga, meditation, workshops, life coaching, holistic nutrition, sound healing, nature connection, and so much more.

Situated on a quartz crystal mountain nestled in the jungle of Costa Rica, the healing begins the moment you set foot at The Retreat, and then what happens after that is pure magic.

Join us for a life-reviving 7 days at The Retreat Costa Rica for a journey through food, fun, and fresh perspective.

What Can you Expect in 7 days?

  • Clearer Mind
  • Amazing Mood Shifts
  • Greater Outlook on Life
  • Leaner and pain-free Body
  • Sparkling and Glowing Skin
  • A Renewed Excitement for Life
  • Harmony with Nature
  • Deep Inner Peace

All-Inclusive Immersion

  • Round Trip Transportation from SJO International Airport, Costa Rica
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • All Chakra-balancing Meals and Snacks
  • 1 60-Minute Healing Massage
  • All Courses, Classes, and Ceremonies
  • A Special Gift From the Retreat
  • Free Wi-Fi

Single Occupancy   $4,200
Double Occupancy $3,600