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You’re an empath. You love deeply, but you’re carrying emotional wounds that are still holding you back.
You’re a creative. You have big ideas for your life and work, but you can’t seem to sustain the energy to make it happen.
You’re a seeker. You believe there is great power in being spiritual, but you haven’t quite found what works for you.


“How will I ever recover from [insert emotional / physical trauma]?”

“I’m afraid that if I heal myself, I’ll leave other people behind.”

“I don’t think I can [insert big idea], because I don’t have the energy or time to really follow through.”

“There is so much self-help stuff out there. I need real ideas that work when I go back home.”

“What is my purpose? What am I really here for?”

“I want to be more spiritual, but I also need it to be grounded in science. What can I actually believe in?”


You’ve probably got a lot going on right now. Truth is, there IS a lot going on right now. Between your many responsibilities at home, at work, in your relationships, and in society, you keep finding yourself yourself living on autopilot just to get everything handled on your to-do list.

For many people, spirituality and self-care often takes a back seat.
But you’ve even got THAT mixed in.

You try to eat organic, you exercise here and there, and you’ve tried all sorts of wellness programs and spa treatments to try to shift your energy. Sometimes, you have huge breakthroughs. You’ve felt moments of connection with your Soul, with Spirit. But you can’t seem to build the momentum to make lasting changes in your life.

The truth is, you’re really doing your best.

But there’s still emotional baggage you can’t seem to drop.

There’s still dreams and ideas you have that you can’t find the time or energy for.

Your sense of spirituality comes and goes.
Or maybe it’s never really been there at all.

Yet, some people out there seem to be accelerating. They’re “finding themselves”. They’re dropping the baggage. They’re healing their bodies. They’re transforming their relationships. They’re spending their days doing what they love to do. They’re experiencing inner peace. They finally found something that WORKED for them, and the whole game changed.

Truth is, there’s an ancient framework that’s been awakening people to this inner peace for thousands of years. And this sacred system doesn’t just show us how to get balanced — it shows us how to get free.

It’s called the Chakras. And they’re here to Color Your World.


Color Your World is a week-long wellness immersion specifically designed around the Seven Chakras to help you release energetic blockages, heal from past trauma, connect with your Higher Self, and get seriously clear on what you need to transform your life. Each of the seven days will focus on enlivening each Chakra through yoga, meditation, workshops, life coaching, holistic nutrition, sound healing, nature connection, and so much more.

Situated on a quartz crystal mountain nestled in one of the most biodiverse jungles in the world, your healing begins the moment you set foot on The Retreat Costa Rica.

Join us for a life-reviving 8 days at #1 Wellness Spa in the Americas for a transformative journey through food, fun, and fresh perspective.


  • 7 Morning meditation tea circles
  • 7 Chakra-enlivening yoga classes
  • 7 Chakra-balancing workshops
  • 7 transformative group ceremonies
  • 90-min Healing Massage at the Cristal Lotus Spa
  • Guided Silent Nature Hike and Earthing Ceremony
  • Waterfall Excursion
  • Sound Bath Circle
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Individualized “Ego to Essence” Spiritual Reading with Reiki Master Kelly Behrend



Full-board vegetarian gluten-free menu specifically curated by wellness guru and Retreat owner Diana Stobo to enliven each Chakra, including:

  • Breakfast of fresh fruits, juices, smoothies, homemade granola, chia pudding, and more
  • Lunch of fresh salads from the organic garden on-site
  • Afternoon mineral broth
  • Dinner served in 3 courses featuring a warm soup, main dish, and dessert


  • Round-trip transportation from SJO International Airport
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Access to pool, jacuzzi, gym, steam room, and spa
  • Hiking trails accessible from property


…you’re feeling stuck in your life,
bound by your circumstances, or just in need of a positive shift in yourself, your relationships, or your work. We created this retreat out of our own personal healing journeys. This week, we aren’t holding anything back. We’re giving you everything we’ve learned over a combined three decades of healing, so you can customize what works for you and really hit the ground running. This retreat isn’t just a getaway — it’s a comprehensive jumpstart to living the life you truly deserve.

…you already know and love the Chakras,
then this is an amazing opportunity to deepen and explore your understanding of them. You’ll be able to expand upon your soul mission as a spiritual guide, yoga teacher, life coach, healer, or energy worker and share this ancient wisdom with your communities in a more profound and transformative way. Now, you’ll have your framework.


Health and Wellness Expert Diana Stobo and Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher Kelly Behrend are joining forces to guide you through a journey of self-love and acceptance to awaken the power that’s already within you. Using their decades of combined experience in yoga philosophy, clean eating, meditation, life coaching, and personal healing journeys, Diana and Kelly have created a custom program that up-levels on your mind, body, and spirit through the sacred science of the Chakras.

Cultures around the world have described this power within for thousands of years in many ways — enlivening your prana, activating your chi, invoking your spirit, balancing your chakras — and now, it’s your time to awaken. When you Color Your World, you’ll experience:

A clearer mind
Amazing mood shifts
A leaner and pain-free body
Sparkling and glowing skin
Harmony with nature
Experience of inner peace
A renewed excitement for life
A deeper connection with Spirit


Join us to receive all of this magic in the #1 Wellness Spa in the Americas!

From $3,102 + tax



Health and Wellness Expert, Founder of The Retreat Costa Rica

My friend once asked me what my motivation was for starting my business. I’m here to change people’s lives for the better through food and love.

Like most people, I struggled with my weight most of my life. There was simply too much conflicting information out there that overwhelmed my mind and ultimately my body.

It wasn’t until I had myriad of health issues — including thyroiditis, chronic fatigue syndrome, debilitating pain, gastritis, and eventually bleeding ulcers — that I finally took my life into my own hands. With three young children and a full life ahead of me, I decided that it was time to remove the foods that weighed me down. I studied, researched, and ultimately discovered the foods I needed to take out of my diet. But then what was I supposed to eat? The answer was fresh produce: fruits and vegetables that heal the body. I began making juices and smoothies every day. I lost 10 pounds in 10 days, my eyes were brighter, my energy soared, and my life became pain free and full of joy. I then used my background as a chef to create recipes that were as delicious as my old favorites but much better for my body.

I used my culinary and nutritional expertise, as well as my own life-changing experiences to instruct and motivate others to eat for health, vibrancy, and beauty.

Over ten years ago I dreamed of having a place where people from all over the world could come and feel as if they were in “HEAVEN ON EARTH”. A place where they could relax, be themselves, move their bodies in gentle ways, eat amazing food, and know that Life was good.

I was a retreat/spa “junkie” when I was building my family, and whenever I returned home from my week away, I would ask myself, “How can I bring this experience into my everyday life?” And I eventually realized, it was like any habit, you just keep practicing until it becomes a norm, a way of being. So, I would go away once or twice a year to remind and educate myself in the glory of “healthy living”.
Well, I want to tell all of you that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

My dream became a reality and I have created “HEAVEN ON EARTH” and I named it simply, THE RETREAT because we all have a different definition of “retreating” and we get to create our own experience everywhere we go.


Usui Reiki Master, Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, and Founder of Awaken Your Chakras

I am obsessed with the human condition. After experiencing a traumatic accident at the age of 4, I pondered “the bigger questions” of life at an early age. The emotional processing of that, combined with my anxiety around the daily tragedies I’d see on the news as a kid, turned into a shingles outbreak across my body at the age of 12. Months later, I was in the hospital again at the ages of 13 and 14 for painful ovarian cysts and surgeries. I was then put on birth control just weeks after getting my period for the first time, causing migraines, mood swings, and mental stress for the following decade. Very quickly in life, I felt unsafe in my mind and my body.

To cope, I dove headfirst into my academic and professional pursuits. It was easier to focus on “society” than to focus on the spiritual questions I had relentlessly asked as a kid. Fast forward 15 years and I found myself living in Manhattan with a very “successful”, high-strung, and fast-paced career in Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability that ultimately led to major digestive issues, intolerable mental stress, emptiness in my personal life, and physical burnout. I thought I was helping the world, but as I laid on my apartment floor one winter night in total desperation, I realized I was trapped in my body once again.

It wasn’t until I found the practice of Reiki, and later yoga, that I began to truly heal myself and saw massive shifts in my body, my mind, and my relationships. I healed my digestive system. I changed my thoughts. I transformed broken relationships. I got clear on my purpose. I felt safe in my body and mind for the first time in my life. I was so fascinated by the effects that I quit my job and set off to study with healers from Eastern and Shamanic traditions throughout North and South America.

After having trained in and practiced a variety of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, yoga, energy healing, plant medicine, and natural remedy techniques with hundreds of people around the world, I am convinced of two things: nature is our greatest healer and it is in our nature to heal.

It is my deepest honor and greatest joy to serve others on their journey to becoming fully alive.



Join us and Color Your World at the #1 Wellness Spa in the Americas:


Deluxe Room

Single occupancy: $3882 + tax

Double occupancy: $3102 + tax

Junior Suite

Single occupancy: $4290 + tax

Double occupancy: $3306 + tax


Single occupancy: $4562 + tax

Double occupancy: $3478 + tax

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