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Dining at Boca Dulce
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Dine al fresco at THE RETREAT on organic farm-to-fork ‘Tico Fresh’ cuisine. For many first time visitors to Costa Rica and guests at The Retreat, experiencing this type of clean, organic eating new and eye opening experience as the benefits of feeding your body wholesome, GMO & chemical free foods is immediately realized and noticed in one’s energy level, mental focus, skin clarity and more.

Much intention is given to the food served here. Nutritionally dense, clean food is the base of our philosophy and the kitchen is the heart of the hotel. Vegan options, raw choices, fish, and meats are prepared from our gardens or are locally sourced. Fresh handcrafted cocktails, pressed juices, and superfood smoothies are available throughout the day in the restaurant, in the gym, poolside, or delivered to your room. We place a strong emphasis on living foods while offering a menu customizable to your needs.

Breakfast is served buffet style with a fresh flare of fruits, juices, fresh made granola, local goat yogurt, chia pudding, oats and garden breakfast salad with farm fresh pasture raised eggs du jour.

Some of our options for breakfast are…

  • Grain Free Crepes – made with coconut flour
  • Rawtella – our raw version of chocolate hazelnut spread
  • Farm fresh eggs, omelets, scrambles, or made to order
  • Fresh Local Fruit – from our gardens
  • Homemade granola
  • Raw ‘Cinnamon Rolls’ made with Cashew and filled with local plum paste
  • Local goat’s milk Greek yogurt
  • Pineapple Kale Coconut Water Kefir Smoothie
  • Fresh Pressed Watermelon Juice – From our gardens 
  • French Pressed Coffee with Coconut Milk

Lunch is served as the penultimate of salad bars and we stick to a particular theme each day such as all ingredients in a Mediterranean or Asian flavor profile. For example in the Asian flavors, one might find the following on our salad bar.

Some of our options for Lunch are…

  • Mixed Greens from our Garden
  • House Made Kimchi
  • A flavor variety of raw zucchini hummus
  • Raw Cashew Boursin cheese
  • Farm fresh “deviled” eggs
  • Raw Sushi with Cauliflower ‘Rice’
  • Wasabi Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Marinated Veggies in House Made Sweet Chili Sauce – with chilies from the garden
  • Green Papaya ‘Noodles’ Marinated in Pineapple Chicha
  • Quick Pickled Spicy Cucumbers
  • Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette

Dinner is plated and served to the table in three courses.  Vegan options are always available and they always end with one of Diana’s many amazing raw desserts that delight even the most skeptical of palates.

Some of our options for Dinner are…

  • Soup:  Coconut Ayote Cream garnished with a Chili Lime puree – made with Ayotes grown in our garden.  Ayotes are a type of squash and can be eaten young as a zucchini type or left on the vine to mature to a winter type squash.
  • Main Dish:  Local Trout lightly pan seared, and served over Yuca Cakes with Sauteed Malabar Spinach – from the Garden, topped with a local Oyster Mushroom ‘Marmalade’ and finished with Papaya Chutney.
  • Dessert:  Lime Passionfruit ‘Cheesecake’ with fruits from our garden, on a pecan date crust finished with local Strawberries.

Bocas at Sunset  are a gourmet sampling of tapas as a backdrop to our exquisite sunsets.

We call this our Wellness Class.

Learn to prepare foods that promote healing and relieve stresses of all kinds. Our Wellness Cooking Classes are inspired by our award-winning celebrity: Chef Diana Stobo – French trained, raw food expert and healing-foods advocate.

From the farm to the table, the foods that we eat and prepare can easily be found in your backyard garden, local markets, and exotic food stores. However, the technique is key to delicious meals, desserts, appetizers and even cocktails.

From choosing the proper foods to artistic plating, The Retreat teaches all aspects of preparing amazing foods that make you feel good.

Dining at Boca Dulce
Diana Stobo

Diana StoboCEO & FOUNDER

We harvest as much as possible from our garden. What we do not grow, we source from local organic farmers that we buy from directly. We also visit our local Feria (farmers’ market) of Atenas and Verde de Aranjuez on a weekly basis, both all local & organic farmer and artisan markets.

Opening Hours

Breakfast: 8am – 10:30am
Lunch: 1pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 8:30pm


+506 8947 0707

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