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How to Get There

Airport name: ‘’Juan Santa Maria’’ International Airport San Jose Costa Rica.
Distance to the hotel: 41.4 km

Approach by car: In front of the airport take the ‘’Bernardo Soto’’ route, exit towards Alajuela, continue for 7 km approximately 6 min, turn slightly to the right towards the ´´Radial El Coyol,’’ at the first roundabout take the first exit and continue across the overpass bridge, at the second roundabout take the second exit towards ‘’Radial El Coyol’’ continue on the road for 4km until the third roundabout them take the second exit towards Highway ´´José María Castro Madriz’’ route 27 to enter the Highway there is a toll booth that charges ₡550 colones more less one dollar, continue on that road for 12.6km until the departure diversion on the right hand side towards ´´Radial Atenas´´, there you will find the second and last toll booth that charges ₡350 colones approximately 70 cents, at the exit of ´´Radial Atenas´´ continue across the center of Atenas, passing in between the from the Park and the Catholic Church them continue straight for 600m and pass in front of the cemetery turn slightly to the right and after the next detour turn to the left on route 3 continue for 6.4 km towards ´´Altos del Monte´´ and then turn left at the brick roundabout there you will find the entrance the Hotel´s Drive way that continues for 600 meters. Estimated time: 50-60 minutes 41.1km.

Approach by public transport Taxi: Ask for a Taxi cab that will take you to Barrio Jesus in Atenas, Instructions: from the school 2 km west the entrance is to the left hand adobe roundabout and large black doors continue for 600 meters.
Estimated time: 1 hour

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