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Intensive Culinary Retreat With Celebrity

July 24-29th 2018
5 nights

This Culinary Retreat is for you if:

You love eating well, but find it difficult to prepare meals that look and taste as good as eating out.

You are excited to learn about the power of a plant-based diet?

You want to make creative cuisine that truly nourishes and heals yourself and your loved ones?

You love to cook, and need to find new and innovative ways to turn your favorite recipes into healthier versions.

You want to get healthy quickly, lose some unwanted weight, and play in the kitchen with a professional and fun staff.

From Best selling Book GET NAKED FAST- Stripping Away The Foods that Weigh You Down– an anti-inflammatory, healing guide to better eating and a better life- The Retreat brings you a NAKED Intensive Culinary Retreat with Celebrity Chef Diana Stobo.

Eating well is so on trend – it is the forefront of our healing and healthy transformation. It is no longer a question that preventative medicine, begins in the stomach which is why plant based cuisine is the most promising culinary boom.

Regardless of your kitchen skills, you will learn invaluable ways to make a shift to a more holistic lifestyle.

A Plant based diet is the cornerstone for making major shifts in your life.   We see this in the uprising of the Vegan communities, the vegan raw and the vegetarian way of life.

No matter what you are currently eating, or what diet you follow- increasing your plant-based recipe and menu repertoire will be a positive change for you, your family and friends.

Be the next “hot chef”- learn exciting new skills in the kitchen and gain more knowledge of the nutritional aspects of plant based cuisine. There are so many tricks and secrets of making plant based food taste so good, and you will be privy to these along with gaining a wonderful journal of amazing recipes.

I have designed a 6 day interactive all inclusive program that teaches you the skills and techniques required to create high vibrational foods.   You will leave empowered, energized, knowledgeable and confident, to continue your culinary path to wellness.   But most importantly you will have so much fun playing in the kitchen and garden, making new friends, laughing and eating great food- you will probably even lose a few pounds without even trying.

The Plan

• Participating in the kitchen to prepare each meal
• Creation of recipes, and menu planning
• Preparing prep and grocery lists
• Healthy substitutions- learning how to make your favorite dish NAKED.
• In the garden, planting and harvesting your herbs, vegetables and fruits
• Work with chef to buy at local farmers markets
• Kitchen set up and composting

The Foods

• Soak, sprouting and fermenting, nuts and seeds
• Making Chichas (kombucha)
• Grainless breads
• Raw desserts that dazzle
• Dressings, sauces and soups
• Vegan cultured cheeses
• Juicing and Smoothie combinations
• Vegan and Vegetarian Main dishes
• Wraps and rolls
• Vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes

The Program

• Meal preparation with The Retreat Chefs David and Sergio
• Preparation Lessons with Diana Stobo
• Planting and harvesting with Enrique aka “Tarzan”
• Rotating schedule with hands on preparation for group
• Group meal preparation and food critiquing
• Organic and Biodynamic Wine tasting and Food Pairing
• Learning to shop for the best produce with Chef David and Diana

What is Included

• Luxury Accommodations single or double occupancy
• Transportation to and from the airport (included)
• Twice daily Yoga
• All Meals Included
• Local Farmers Market Excursion
• Planting and harvesting with Enrique
• Wine tasting with Diana Stobo

From $1997 in single occupancy / $3019 in double occupancy

Starting at $1509.5 per person in double occupancy*

Deluxe Room

Single occupancy: $1997

Double occupancy: $3019

Junior Suite

Single occupancy: $2252

Double occupancy: $3274


Single occupancy: $2422

Double occupancy: $3489

*Rates do not yet includes the 13% local tax

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