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10 of the world’s most scenic yoga retreats

Today is International Yoga Day, and while one of this practice’s many advantages is that you can do it anywhere, there’s a lot to be said for taking your mat into the great outdoors. Here are ten of your best options, from near and far.

4 Ways I Learned How to Adopt a Healthier Diet From a Woman Who Completely Transformed Her Body

Much attention is focused on the external signs of aging on our skin as we grow older. Although I’m just a couple years north of 30, my beauty regimen can rival that of someone a few decades older, thanks to work perks and the millennial obsession with “preventive anti-aging.”

Examiner – The Retreat at Altos del Monte

Together, they create an incredible experience that leaves an impression, not just on your body and your mind, but also on your heart. And that is what “Pura Vida” (Pure Life}, the Costa Rica motto, is all about.

The Retreat Costa Rica Can Cure Vacation Stress

If your getaways leave you more exhausted than refreshed, here’s a solution. The solution is a retreat. Like The Retreat at Costa Rica, which meets the definition of oasis and includes everything you could need for a wonderful, restful, healthy time away.

5 Best Detox Spas Worldwide

Everything from the whitewashed decor to the breathtaking views of the Pacific whispers, “Chill out.”

Go from “Farm to Spa” in Costa Rica

The Retreat’s proprietor, Diana Stobo, an internationally renowned health and wellness expert and speaker, culinary artist, raw foods advocate, and award-winning author, and Spa Director, Laura Solera, have created innovative “Farm to Spa” treatments centered around organic and edible body work specially designed with the strong belief that all food is medicine.

The Best Luxury ECO Travel Destinations

A boutique wellness experience tucked in the heart of the lush, tropical beauty of Costa Rica, The Retreat, is a five star boutique hotel created by health and wellness visionary, Diana Stobo.

I Stayed at the Same Costa Rica Yoga Retreat as Sonja Morgan And This Is What It’s Really Like

If it looks like Sonja Morgan is demonstrating a renewed sense of self lately, it comes in part to some serious mindfulness time and deep breathing, thanks to a a whole lot of yoga. In addition to a domestic trip to a yoga retreat Sonja experienced with Luann de Lesseps in Massachusetts, Sonja also went abroad to experience another such getaway at a property in Costa Rica.

Gayot – Recipes

From sides to steak to sweets, and with themes ranging from Asian to French to seafood, these recipes include tips from famous chefs and restaurants in the United States and around the world. So dig right in!

Food for the Soul

Eat dinner (and breakfast and lunch) directly from the earth at The Retreat, a tranquil hillside resort, where executive chef Heather Hands crafts locally grown superfoods like coconut, avocado, cacao, and turmeric into exquisite feasts using native techniques she developed while living in the Costa Rican jungle with an indigenous family.

The Retreat at Altos del Monte

Everywhere you look, the attention to detail is impressive, the decor infused with the natural subtropical elements and themes surrounding the property, coupled with eco-friendly materials and practices throughout.

We’ve Been, The Retreat

This final morning at The Retreat at Altos del Monte mirrors my previous four in every detail — the birds calling to each other, the heart-pumping hike leading to the top of the lush hillside, the vinyasa yoga practice waiting for me in the sunlit studio.

A New Boutique Luxury Wellness Resort

The design of The Retreat reflects the natural elements of the lush, subtropical landscape with eco-friendly materials and nature throughout the property.

In Costa Rica, refined wellness

“There’s adventure travel, then there’s the experience. And this is an experience.”

Food Chef Diana Stobo, The Retreat Costa Rica, and “Naked” Mac-and Cheese

Food has transformative powers. There is no denying it. It can make you feel better but it can also make you feel terrible. That’s what makes Chef Diana Stobo’s story – a tale in eating naturally — fascinating.

The Retreat Costa Rica: Yum, Om, Aah…..Aha!

The Retreat Costa Rica is an eleven-room wellness resort set high on a mountain about a half-hour drive from San Jose. The brainchild of award-winning author and healthy lifestyle guru, Diana Stobo, her vision for The Retreat is nothing less than to actualize ‘heaven on earth’.

5 Best Detox Spas Worldwide

Everything from the whitewashed decor to the breathtaking views of the Pacific whispers, “Chill out.”

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit: On Vacation at The Retreat Costa Rica

Case in point: The Retreat Costa Rica‘s focus is fixed on what I identified during my time there as three key areas: Physical health, Mental health and Spiritual health. By the second day, the three parts of health come together to make you feel healthy and whole again.

The Retreat Costa Rica

This spring her dream was realized when her luxury boutique hotel/wellness retreat opened; an incredible getaway designed to bring inner peace while still embracing the nature of Costa Rica.

Latina – 13 Picturesque reasons to visit The Retreat in Costa Rica

You won’t want to leave, but when you do, you’ll feel rested, relaxed and healthy. Next time, we’re bringing our girlfriends. Pura vida, indeed!

2015 travel year in review: Costa Rica

Oh yes, we went to heaven in Costa Rica at the Retreat at Altos del Monte. This secluded eight-acre estate features 11 inviting, well-appointed, luxury rooms, a Retreat Sanctuary Spa, fitness center, yoga house studio, teaching kitchen, outdoor saline pool with a waterfall and comfortable bench seat underneath and hot tub, an al fresco dining room and a 1,400-square-foot outdoor terrace with a gas fire pit.

Delicious Oasis of Health in Costa Rica

The diet is based on keeping really close to the ground, explains. The Retreat has its own vegetable garden, and other foods come from local suppliers.

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