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The Power of Gold
Slimming Clay Mineral Wraps

The Power of gold infused volcanic clay with its medicinal properties along with herbal extracts detoxifies and tones the body for a more firm and slimmer body. The Ions in gold activate basal cells, reduces dryness, increases blood circulation, improves elasticity and provides a rich glow to your skin. It also helps to draw out accumulated toxins that sit on the skin and the soft tissue layers. The herbs and minerals provide essential nutrients that penetrate the cell walls and release the fatty material through the lymphatic system, eliminating excess fat and toxins from the body naturally.

Skin is the largest organ of our body and everyday we expose it to harmful toxins, smoking, air pollution and chemicals. These harmful toxins get caught up in our fat cells, leaving us feeling puffy, sluggish, fatigued and sometimes rather physically ill. Our well-designed body wrap can help eliminate these toxins, fix your skin problems, improve circulation, ease muscle and joint pain, rid the body of harmful toxins and activate the breakdown of fat cells.

Each wraps starts with a full body dry brushing to remove layers of dead skin, stimulate the lymphatic system to release and open the pores to receive the nourishing ingredients.

The gold infused clay is smoothed over your entire body as you are cocooned in a Mylar wrap covered with a warm blanket. The heat helps to draw out the impurities while opening the pores to receive nourishment. As you relax for 20 minutes, the therapist gently delivers a relaxing scalp massage. After a rinse in the private outdoor shower, a light moisturizer is applied with gentle and relaxing hand movements.

75 Min $175

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