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Welcome to The Retreat
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Our Inclusive Retreat Experience is designed for Your Overall Wellbeing

Choose a 2 to 21-nights inclusive retreat for wellbeing; body, mind and spirit.

All retreats include….

  • Luxury accommodations in healing environment
  • Healthy “farm to fork” meals, vegetarian, vegan and raw options. Juices Smoothies, Teas and Elixers
  • Daily yoga, meditation, plus nature walks and workshops

    Our Retreats address many issues naturally

  • Chronic exhaustion, depleted energy
  • Difficulty sleeping, dependence on sleeping pills
  • Lack of passion, stressed, disconnected
  • Overly emotional, deep sense of sadness, grief
  • Digestive issues, bloating, cravings, stubborn weight loss
  • Joint inflammation and pain, muscle aches and pains
  • Looking older than your years
  • Persistent headaches, migraines, sinus infections

Welcome to The Retreat

The Retreat was established in 2014 embraced in the arms of a quartz mountain and a balcony to the Pacific Ocean with panoramic views extending over 60 miles. The Retreat is more than a luxury wellness destination, It is a heavenly environment, a space to let go of the stresses of life and create the feeling within you that you have always dreamed of.  Peace, harmony and tranquility within are the keys to a happy, healthy and youthful life.  We provide purposeful balance of natures foods, body movements, peaceful transitions, gentle touch, and quiet atop a healing mountain that seems to do all the work for us.  The moment you step foot on the property, your life begins a new.

The Retreat allows each experience to be unique as you explore within, integrating body, mind as well as spiritual aspects that support a more balanced life.

The Retreat philosophy is based on the 6 tenets of wellness travel: 

  • Stress Reduction
  • Cultural Involvement
  • Gentle Physical Activity
  • Spiritual Connectedness
  • Wellness Recovery and Self Care
  • Organic, Whole Clean Eating as a Lifestyle

Each having an uplifting and integrative effect on our total wellbeing. 

Signature Retreat Programs

Our signature programs have changed the lives of people from around the world, both healing and transformative, in ways that not only improve their lives, but the lives of those around them. Loving yourself, Detoxing, Conscious Living, Educational Retreats and The 10 day Life transforming “Naked  Challenge”, a spiritual journey into letting go.  Changing your relationship with Food, Love and Self.   All of our programs address specific goals related to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual renewal.

  • Beautiful luxurious accommodations in a heavenly healing environment
  • Educational Theme Week Retreats & workshops (see calendar)
  • Orientation of The Retreat and its gardens
  • Cultural and adventurous nature walks in the authentic Costa Rica Area
  • “Tico Fresh” Healthy Chefs choice menu based on Organic locally grown and freshly sourced foods (vegan and Raw options)
  • Fresh pressed juices, smoothies, teas and sunset snacks, along with Rich Costa Rican Coffee, the jewel of this land
  • Daily Retreat yoga, or Pilates and/or meditation classes
  • Full access to gym, Vapor Room, Community Room, Esoteric Library, & spa facilities

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