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Group and Retreat Buyouts

THE RETREAT welcomes groups and full retreat buyouts for a completely customizable experience combining our wellness philosophy with your need to socialize or conduct business. 

Retreats:  THE RETREAT’s gorgeous facilities host a wide variety of interests, from medical tourism recovery, yoga, Pilates, health and detox, and fitness in general, to adventure, cooking, educational, arts, and spiritual practices.  We also do incentives, board retreats, bridal and bachelor and birthday parties and family reunions.

Group Size:  Groups are considered 5 or more rooms and unless all rooms are bought out for the group, the remaining rooms will be considered available to be sold to individuals.  (Special considerations are considered depending on time of year and circumstances.)

Occupancy:  The ideal group size is 11 to 22 with double occupancy.  We can accommodate up to 32 guests if your group includes couples that will be sharing a bed and families. 

Group Leaders:  Special rates for group leaders are negotiated with THE RETREAT per group as each group has different needs and will amount in a percentage discount from our general rates. 

Base group rates are inclusive of our luxury rooms and organic meals and are calculated based on the number of people, number of nights, and the level of engagement needed from our staff. 


We Customize:  Each quote is customizable to the group and can be as basic or as elaborate as desired by the group leader.  All additional services that we provide will be coordinated in advance by the group leader with THE RETREAT to ensure a truly unique experience. 

The group schedule is set by the leader of the group and coordinated with THE RETREAT to account for meal times, studio use, excursions, meetings, and any other potential time considerations. 

Leaders:  Groups are allowed one facilitator for every 16 guests free of charge, after that a fee will be charged per additional facilitator.  Keep in mind that we are a small and intimate facility with a finite number of beds.

The Experience: Generally groups are curated by the leader and have a specific schedule.  However, for group leaders that don’t have a specific theme, we can provide suggestions and a quote for all-inclusive group packages including yoga instructors, our curriculum of classes, excursions, hiking, fitness classes, more in depth trainings, airport transfers, spa packages, and alcoholic beverages.

Payment: Deposits for the Groups will be handled by the Group coordinator and our Reservations specialists.  Payments for groups can be made through our booking engine with Promo Code.  Additional services can be paid from individual participants upon checkout, such as spa services, alcohol, merchandise and gratuity unless other arrangements are made in advance.  All guests will be required to provide a credit card on arrival for any incidentals not covered by the group master account.

To receive an initial quote, please email us at:

In your email please address the following questions:

  1. What dates are you considering?
  2. How many participants in your group?
  3. How many facilitators/instructors will be coming?
  4. Would you like for us to arrange airport transfers? (Recommended as we have excellent drivers and are very difficult to find by self-drivers due to our hidden location)
  5. How many rooms are you looking to occupy?
  6. Would you like single, double, or triple occupancy?
  7. Would you like to include a massage for each participant and instructor in the price?
  8. Would you like to include excursions?
    If so please specify type.
    For example, beach day; public or private beach, surfing, SUP, coffee tour, chocolate tour and tasting, Monte Verde, Manuel Antonio, horseback riding, Guided Local Hikes, Trips to Green Markets, Canopy Tours, San Jose tour… These can be tailored to your group needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please fill in what you would like as your excursion.

Thank You for considering us as your group host.

In health and Love,

Holding a Date

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