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Helpful Information
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Local Currency and Exchange Rate

Costa Rica’s official currency is the Colón.  The exchange rate averages around 530 colones to the dollar.  However, US dollars are generally accepted in all areas save for some smaller pueblos.  If you do spend US dollars, keep in mind that you will receive your change in colones.  It is recommended that you bring denominations of $20 or less as higher denominations are often not accepted in local shops and markets.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted at The Retreat and generally throughout Costa Rica.  Visa and Mastercard are the most prevalently accepted with AMEX and Discover accepted in fewer locations.

Daylight and Time Zone

Daylight begins to show between 5:00 and 5:15am, with sunrise approximately 5:30am and sunset beginning around 5:45.

Visa and Passport Requirements

Guests traveling from the USA and Canada (and many other countries) do not need a visa, but will need to provide a return ticket or evidence of onward travel.  Your passport must have at least 6 months validity remaining to enter the country.

Electrical Power

The country uses 120V, 60Hz current, and the same for wall outlets.  This is the same as the US, so guests from the US will not need adaptors.

Dress Code

Guests should bring clothes for active daytime, such as hiking shoes, yoga clothes, beachwear, swimwear, and casual daywear as well as casual resort wear for sunset and dinner.  The nights can be chilly so light jackets, pashminas, and long sleeves are recommended.  We also recommend a rain jacket or poncho for day trips.


Atenas boasts one of ‘the best climates in the world’, so expect a range of temperatures.  Mornings are cooler, with warm to hot afternoons, and then finishing with a cool to chilly evening.

Special Dietary Needs

The Retreat’s chefs are fully versed in many types of foods and special dietary needs and can accommodate any special request.  We ask that you let us know in advance if you have any special needs, diets, or desires.

Guests With Disabilities

The Retreat is located on a steep mountainside with high cliffs and edges, however we have taken the appropriate measures to ensure that we have wheelchair access to all common areas within the property.

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